A picture of my best friend, he’s gay and currently at the hospital… He got diagnosed with cancer in his brain, but like the kind thing so he can operate without being scared, it’ll be okay!
The problem is that he got depressed… The cancer where placed at the place in his brain that makes him depressed, so when it grew bigger and started to push that spot, he got more and more depressed…
He tried to kill himself a week ago, and that’s why he’s now in the hospital. They’re operating him tomorrow… They were supposed to wait for half a year before they operate him, because they got an appointment in April next year… They have to take it tomorrow so that he doesn’t try it again…
He’s been put in isolation so that he can’t have visitors before after the operation (his parents get to be there durning the operation, just not before) and if he’s back to his old self after a week there’s no need for rehab, if not he’ll have to get help, and no one will see him in 3-6 months…
I’m so scared… I’m scared they’ll do something wrong, or him never getting back to that happy, amazing and just so positive boy he used to be…
Please pray for him!

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    I feel sorry for you and his family I hope that nothing goes wrong tomorrow
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