We are both really busy but I will add more to the queue later. I just got my working permit so I’ve been applying to a ton of places.
If you need anything, you can message us (be polite please) and either one of us will try to reply asap

Anonymous asked:
You guys are mean...you've never answered any of my questions.


We get so many question a day and tbh I can’t sit online all day just to answer question. It’s not mean, I have a life offline.

What I’m about to say goes out to this anon and to anyone who feels like we’re ignoring their questions.

We love you guys, and we will do what we can to help you out. However, please keep in mind that we have 30,000 followers and a lot of people writing into us. We have a queue to find pictures for and keep up. We have people to talk to and give advice. And that’s just on this blog. We have other blogs, other websites, other things to keep up with on the internet. Sometimes, we need some time to think about the advice we want to give, because we don’t know how to help you with your problem right off the bat. We’re teenage girls, not professionals. Beyond that, I for one, work 2 jobs and take 2 classes. I spend time with my friends and on other projects. I don’t have a ton of time to sit on tumblr answering asks. Fallon has a life, as well.

TLDR: We love you to death, and we want to help you guys out. But because of the number of asks we get and the number of other things we have to do, we can’t get to all of them, but we will do what we can. Please don’t take offense to that. But this isn’t the first ask I’ve gotten like this, and I kinda really just had to point that out.


We reached 30k!

Thankyou everyone !